June 6, 2024

Light Up His Summer This Father's Day with LEDVANCE!

With Father’s Day right around the corner, LEDVANCE, makers of SYLVANIA General Lighting, has best-in-class lighting for workshops, sheds, patios, and garages. From work lights to outdoor LED light strips, light up his favorite spaces so he can make the most of his summer and year. Discover our top picks as well as ideas to give Dad a shining Sunday this Father’s Day!

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Light Up His Summer This Father's Day with LEDVANCE!

With Father’s Day right around the corner, LEDVANCE, makers of SYLVANIA General Lighting, has best-in-class lighting for workshops, sheds, patios, and garages. From work lights to outdoor LED light strips, light up his favorite spaces so he can make the most of his summer and year. Discover our top picks as well as ideas to give Dad a shining Sunday this Father’s Day!

5 Outdoor Lighting Tips To Make Your Home Shine This Spring

With spring in full bloom, now is the best time to plan your outdoor lighting plan and designs. From uplighting trees or LED string lights for patios or decks, designing your home's exteriors can make all the difference. This season, let LEDVANCE share with you our top 5 tips on how you can create the best outdoor lighting looks.

April is Earth Month! Home Lighting Tips to Help Make a Difference

Each April, Earth Month takes place and raises awareness on what we can do to make a difference on issues that affect our planet. From reducing our carbon footprint or conserving natural resources, there are many ways we each can make an impact - even starting around our home with energy-efficient lighting. Let's take a look at what we can do this April together with simple updates to our indoor and outdoor lighting.

A Solar Spring! Enhancing Home’s Safety & Security with Elegance

Spring is in the air and what better time to think about your outdoor lighting. From the season’s holidays to birthdays, relaxing nights on the porch and dinners out on the patio, LED light bulbs for your home’s exterior can help elevate your home’s look while also delivering convenience and home safety. Refresh and upgrade your home’s exterior with our simple tips.

Calm, Comfortable, & Convenient: Support Wellbeing with Light This February

In February, lighting can play a crucial role in creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere, especially during the darker and colder months. During this period, we crave more natural light that helps promote our health and well-being – for family, friends, pets, and our plants. In this article, we give tips on our variety of options from human centric lighting TruWave™ or germ-fighting LED light bulbs. By making simple switches around your home this season, you can see how lighting makes a difference.

Nurture, Support, and Grow Your Indoor Plants with LED Grow Lights

For many of us, we are still in the longer winter weeks of shorter days and less light. Although we can control our interior spaces with health-benefiting light bulbs like TruWave™ LED light bulbs that mimic the sun’s natural spectrum of light, so do our plants, herbs, and flowers. Nurturing them and sustaining the health in the winter can be achieved with top-quality LED grow light bulbs. Learn tips and tricks how to safely use LED grow lights that benefit your home gardens for all-year growth.

Lighting Up the Darker Days of Winter with LEDVANCE

With the arrival of the winter months, and the warm illumination and colors of the holiday lights now set aside, we often wonder how we can bring that warm light back into our homes some January. For some of us, when the holidays have passed or simply the arrival of the darker weeks, our family rooms and favorite spaces feel dark and empty. This winter, follow our LEDVANCE tips on how you can get the glow back for not only style but for your health and overall well-being.

Home for the Holidays with Beautiful Lighting Looks

As we celebrate this special season of light, we begin to transform our homes into Winter Wonderlands. Lighting, and designing with the ideal look no matter the time of the day, can help create a cozy spaces for family, friends, and yourself. As you plan your holiday look, here are our LEDVANCE tips where you can elevate your home this holiday season with light.

Thanksgiving Table Tips for an Unforgettable Holiday
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now is the ideal time to begin your preparation for the perfect holiday ambiance. Lighting helps create a mood and feeling through the different portions of the day. From bright, helpful white hues to prepare a meal safely in the kitchen or dimming down for a relaxing desert, follow our top LEDVANCE tips to make this holiday one for the books.
Designing with Amber Light this Autumn: Retro Design for Timeless Looks
Fall is about color, texture, warmth, and light. As we begin to transition into the fall months so should our homes. We can add neutral throw blankets and pillows, redesign our coffee tables with natural elements, but also think about the lighting in our home. Discover our top tips on how you can create a welcoming space and bring the natural colors of the outdoors – indoors – only with LEDVANCE, makers of SYLVANIA General Lighting.
Back to School with Better Home Lighting with LEDVANCE

As we move ahead through the second half of August, many of us begin to think about fall and preparing for the changes to our schedules it will bring. From returning back to school or spending more time indoors, setting us up for success and comfort begins with lighting. Let LEDVANCE set you up for success this fall with our top designer tips so you are set to achieve. 

New SYLVANIA EverydayLED Light Bulbs to Save Money, Time, & Energy

With many traditional lighting going away due to new legislation, now is the time to switch to LED lighting for around the same cost. From A19 standard light bulbs, to dimmable BR30 LEDs for ceilings, or indoor and outdoor PAR38 light bulbs, be prepared with a new choice that lasts over 3 times as a traditional bulb with our all-new SYLVANIA EverydayLED bulbs.

Simple Summer Projects: Incorporate Recessed Downlights at Home

Recessed downlights provide a sleek and elegant way to highlight hallways, feature artwork, and spotlight our travel treasures. They serve as helpful lighting in kitchens when we prepare meals as well as light up foyers to welcome our guests. We often see recessed downlights in cathedral vaulted ceilings in larger homes but did you know they make for an excellent option for urban spaces, as well? They save on space, provide design, and give the flexibility to design the look you want with a modern touch.

A Solar Summer: Inspiring Tips to Design the Perfect Outdoor Space

Outdoor lighting is key to designing an exterior welcoming atmosphere. Not only does it help light up paths and patios, but it provides ambiance, safety, and security. Outdoor lighting, with all the possibilities, does not have to be expensive. With light powered exclusively by the sun, take advantage of both savings and style with solar LED lights and accessories.

Designed for Dad: Our Favorite Picks for Fathers
LED lighting is a popular choice for fathers due to its energy efficiency, longevity, and versatility in homes, workshops, and garages. From work lights to natural light, our, discover LEDVANCE top favorite ideas and products for dad this Father's Day week. 
From Hobby Spots to Workshops, our top 8 LED design tips
LEDVANCE and SYLVANIA LED light buls and luminaires are a great choice for your garage and hobby place due to its energy efficiency, long lifespan, and bright illumination. Here are 8 top tips to help you get the most out of LED lighting in these areas so you can focus on what you love.
The hallway is a challenge in terms of optimal lighting. It is often quite narrow, with no natural daylight. With the right luminaires, a hall doesn’t only look bright and inviting, but also larger. In addition, efficient corridor lighting is important for safety. To put your hallway in the right light, it is best to include different LED light sources. Thanks to money-saving bulbs, you will soon be welcoming the next nice surprise – your electricity bill.
The family and living rooms are the place to feel good, unwind, and to gather. We spend calm morning preparing for the day, relaxing hours after work, or sit together with friends and family over the weekend. Our family room lighting should be designed to be flexible for all times of the day. With a modern LED lighting plan, you can let your creative lighting ideas become reality. And best of all: you also save energy when relaxing with LEDs.
As we prepare to welcome spring, we begin to think how we can reimagine our outdoor living spaces. From front porches to back patios, gazebos to cabanas, flowerbeds to gardening sheds, outdoor living is at its finest when we enjoy it all together - and it starts with a design. See how outdoor LED lighting can make a difference both in cost and style with LEDVANCE.
How to Design a Beautiful Dining Room with LED Light

Designing a beautiful dining room for holidays, birthdays, or special moments for family and friends is key to a memorable experience. Whether we are enjoying a long meal during daytime or a soiree lasting until the evening, selecting the right light is key in making guests feel welcome, invited, and relaxed. Read about or favorite tips to get both the style and cost savings when you light up your next moment.

LED Ideas and Tips to to Design a Relaxing and Restorative Bedroom
The bedroom is a space in which to relax and rest and light plays a vital role. With a LED plan, you ensure the right light in the right places and envelop your realm of dreams in a snug atmosphere. And you certainly will not have nightmares about your next electricity bill; design with the latest LED technology that's versatile and economical.
Bright Ideas: How to Choose the Best Light for Studying
Finding the right light to help productivity, eye health, and reduce strain while you study is important. From comfort to concentration, discover the latest tips in study nooks, bedrooms, on desks, and so much more. Educate your shopping experience by finding the right set of lights with LEDVANCE.
What Is Full Spectrum Lighting? Find Out Everything You Need to Know
Explore everything you need to know about full spectrum lighting, from its benefits and applications to how it can transform your living and workspaces. Whether you're a plant lover, an artist, or simply looking to improve your well-being, read on to discover the wonders of full-spectrum lighting.
Our Tips on the Best Colors for Sleeping
In our busy modern lifestyles, finding ways to improve sleep cycles so we’re not tossing and turning every night is vital. There are a bunch of options you can try to ensure you have a restless-free sleep, and one of these is by using colored lights.
Getting Quality Grow Lights for Indoor Plants & Home Gardens
Year-round nourishment for houseplants, herbs, or even starting your seeds in the off season, LED grow lights help start, nourish, and sustain healthy plant growth without leaf burn. Getting the right spectrum of light helps maintain growth in plants. Find out more on how you can support your indoor garden.
The dining room is the place where you enjoy a meal with your family and entertain your friends. The lighting in the room is a key factor in making your guests feel comfortable. With innovative lighting you can create an atmospheric mood anytime.
How Do Smart Bulbs Work? Understanding Hands-Free Living with Light
Smart bulbs are a new generation of light bulbs that can be controlled remotely through a smartphone or voice commands. They offer a level of convenience and versatility that traditional bulbs simply cannot match. In this article, we will explore how do smart bulbs work so you can customize your home home in 16 million ways.
First thing in the morning, you want to be ready for the day ahead. Likewise, after a stressful working day, you want to relax in an atmospheric bathroom and switch off. But sometimes you also need bright light to get ready to go out. That requires a clever lighting plan that always adapts to your needs. Here are our lighting tips to help.
Understanding the Benefits of Halogen and LED Lights
Lighting is an essential part of your home life. From kitchens to bedrooms, when you’re looking to upgrade your lighting it can be hard to know what type of bulb to purchase. If you are unsure whether to use halogen or LED lights, this article will help guide your decision-making process.
From the bright ceiling lamp to the subdued night lamp and projecting twinkling stars on the ceiling in the dark, lighting for nurseries and children’s bedrooms is now diverse and imaginative. Since your little ones use their room for many different activities, lighting must be designed flexibly - discover how. 
There is more to successfully working from home than having a desk and a laptop. With a well thought-out LED lighting plan, you can make your home office a comfortable space by selecting the right color temperatures and lumens. Learn how you can design your perfect home office so you can stay positive and productive. 
5 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen
Looking for inspiration? Maggie Clarke details why kitchens can really increase the value and feeling of comfort of your house. If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, whether taking on this project yourself or hiring a general contractor, get tips before you upgrade or renovate! 

Kate Bussell, Interior Designer at Bijou Design & Staging, discusses how even turning on better lighting can be a daily ritual that can help you enjoy better living. Watch this video to help improve your day-to-day schedule and routines.


We all love a beautifully styled shelf vignette. That’s probably why the hashtag #Shelfie has nearly 3 million posts on Instagram alone. Let interior designer Kate Bussell and LEDVANCE show you how to gorgeously style social media worthy shelves.

5 Tips for Being More Productive

High performance coach & wellness educator Jennifer Cohen shares five life hacks for being more productive. Create healthy habits for healthier living - including home lighting. From switching to better lighting to using bedtime routines, trying these tips can help you be more productive. 

Things You Need to Know About LED Vintage Light Bulbs
Inspired by the past yet perfect for the present, our Amber LED light bulbs combine the classic look of vintage bulbs with the modern benefits of LED technology. Our filament LED light bulbs feature a stylish, classic Edison look and adds classic ambiance and charm to any room while saving money and energy.
What is the Equivalent Wattage for LED Bulbs?
There are different bulb types, and every bulb has its energy estimated in watts. From the conventional bulb to the quite contemporary ones, if you must replace one with another, you have to know the equivalent brightness of each one.
Flexible But Simple: Why Track Light Became Popular?

Track lighting has no limiting function or location. With endless applications, they are an easy choice for any room in your workplace or home. Track lights can light up a space in a dark hallway, or living room, offices, and more.

What Is Warm White? 3 Things You Need to Know
"Warm white" bulbs are generally considered below 3000K (3000 Kelvin). Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) in lighting describes the color that light appears from a lamp. Find out more so you get the look you want.
8 Common Causes of Flashing Light Bulbs and Their Solutions

Light bulbs can flicker for many reasons. While it may be normal for your bulb to flicker sometimes due to voltage changes, what are some common reasons? Learn how you can try to fix your lighting before replacing your bulb. 

Are LED Lights Waterproof? What To Know Before You Purchase

Not all LED lights are waterproof, but most of them are water-resistant. Waterproof LED lights are wholly or partially protected from water intrusion. Learn from LEDVANCE what you need to know as you shop for the perfect pick. 

Why Do My House Lights Get Dimmer?
Here are tips and tricks on learning why your bulbs grow dimmer with time and what you check before spending more money on replacing. We look at the reasons and the quick fixes you can make that make all the difference.
Downlight Buyers Guide: 7 Things You Need to Know

The installation of downlights can be a bit tricky and time-consuming, but the results are definitely worth it in the end. Here are some tips on where to install downlights and how many you'll need.

How to Tell What Kind of Light Bulb You Have
Replace with confidence and limit the time spent with product returns. Learn today how you can determine what light bulb you have, the color, and the shape so you can make a confident purchase next time you replace or update.
What Are the Different Types of Lighting for Daily Use?

Although it might seem like a home or business lighting setup is daunting, you can add more than a few lamps to your design to improve the situation. Here are the different options to consider to make the most out of your space. 

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