SYLVANIA Night Chaser LED PAR38 Light Bulb, 250W = 25W, Dimmable, 3000K, Neutral White - 1 Pk

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Light up your entire yard with 2,650 Lumens of bright light from the SYLVANIA Ultra LED Night Chaser PAR38 flood light. It can be mounted to a wall or deck to add a bright illumination over your wa... Show More
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Chase the night away with SYLVANIA LED lighting

Light up your yard with 2,700 lumens of super bright light with the SYLVANIA 22W Night Chaser LED Flood Light Bulb!This reliable 22W LED replaces traditional 200W traditional light bulbs and offers 84% energy cost savings compared to incandescent bulbs. Extend your living areas with brilliant, bright lighting to illuminate your outdoor landscape, decks, patios, sheds, and driveways. Enjoy your home year-round with soft white light that is reliable, durable, and offers a lifespan of 10+ years – backed by our 3-year promise. Experience long-lasting, top quality LED illumination by SYLVANIA. With over 100 years of lighting innovation, see the clear difference our home lighting solutions make today.

Know & Save

Different types of light bulbs use different amounts of energy. They also last different amounts of time before they typically need to be replaced. By knowing which uses Watt, pun intended, and how long they can be expected to last, you can decide which is best for you.

From family rooms to bedrooms, kitchens to home offices, SYLVANIA TruWave Natural Series offer standard, decorative, undercabinet, flood, and track light bulbs for any space or fixture - and are fully dimmable. Select your preferred warmth and brightness so you can enjoy both top-performing lighting with the technology of the sun’s restorative natural colors – only with SYLVANIA.

Which bulb where?

People often wonder what type of light bulb they should use in different rooms. Here are some common light bulb types and which rooms they typically are used in. You decide what works for you though! The most important thing is that it fits with your style and needs.

Shedding some light on light

Buying a light bulb can be confusing. We hope this clarifies a few of the top facts and figures often on light bulb packaging. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at LEDVANCE at 1-800-Lightbulb.