SYLVANIA 10ft LED Remote Control Mosaic Flexible Light Strip Starter Kit in 16 Colors

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LED Mosaic Flexible Light Starter Kit. Starter Kit includes: (5) 2ft RGB+W strips - 10ft total, RF remote (battery included) and controller, power adapter, (4) bendable connectors, (6) clips with a... Show More
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Color-changing flexible LEDs

With the SYLVANIA MOSAIC Flexible LED Light Kit, you can quickly and easily enhance virtually any area of your home by drawing soft or dynamic attention (your choice). Enjoy dimmable light inside and underneath cabinets or to highlight shelves, backsplashes, staircases or steps, surrounding a fireplace, in soffits above cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, game rooms, campers, or wherever you relax or entertain.

Fun, flexible and versatile

The color-changing function of up to 16 colors (including white) and strobe, flash, fade, and smooth color transition effects make MOSAIC indispensable when entertaining guests or simply having a fun evening with family.

Ambiance at the touch of a button

The SYLVANIA MOSAIC Flexible LED Light Kit is limited only by what you can imagine. With the included connectors, the strips can make turns around corners to create a unique ambiance in any room. You can dim and change colors for mood lighting and holidays, plus select strobe, flash, and fade effects for parties and special events.

RF remote: works no matter where you point it

Use the wireless remote control to change colors, control light transitions and dimming. Multiple connected strips can be controlled by a single remote control. The RF remote and controller allow for a better range of control without the need to aim directly at a receiver.