Learn about LEDVANCE SMART for Residential Products

Whether you're new to smart home automation or are looking to expand your existing system, learn about the different LEDVANCE SMART for Residential products and what best works for you.

Getting Started with LEDVANCE Smart for Residential

Getting started with smart home automation doesn't need to be difficult. With the robust selection of LEDVANCE Smart for Residential products available, you have a number of different options for a variety of different systems. Learn more about these products and the systems they work with to find the right product for your smart home.

ZigBee Smart Home Lights and Accessories

With our SMART ZigBee lights and accessories, you'll need a hub as the "control center" of your home automation platform. Popular hubs compatible with SMART products include Samsung SmartThings, Wink, and Amazon Echo Plus. To get started, just power on your SMART product, open your hub's app, and follow the hub's instructions on how to pair a product to your system. Once paired, you'll be able to control your lights directly from your smartphone, no matter where you are. You can create schedules and automations, use voice control through Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, and use other products like motion sensors, cameras, thermostats, and more with your hub. Look for the ZigBee logo on our packaging to ensure you have the right product, and always double check with your hub's manufacturer to ensure your specific SMART ZigBee product is compatible. 


Did You Know?

Your SMART lights need to always be powered on in order to stay connected to your system and controlled from your smartphone. But, just in case your lights get switched off, when you turn it back on it will retain the last color and brightness level used.

Bluetooth Smart Home Lights and Accessories

SMART Bluetooth lights and accessories are compatible with Apple HomeKit and Siri voice control. Using Bluetooth on your compatible iOS device, you can easily pair your SMART Bluetooth accessory to the Apple Home app, control your lights with your iPhone or iPad, and ask Siri to turn the lights on, off, change color, or dim. For away from home control using Apple HomeKit, you will need to set up an AppleTV, iPad, or HomePod as your Home hub. Your Home hub must stay powered on and connected to your home WiFi in order to control your SMART Bluetooth lights and other HomeKit accessories when you're not there. Look for the "Works with Apple HomeKit" and Bluetooth logos when purchasing this product.


Need Some Extra Help?

Visit our SMART Community Platform for additional information on using your SMART products with specific systems.