LEDVANCE 2022 Earth Day Campaign Be with You



    The Earth Day Campaign is still running!! Don't miss the chance to get your smart home setup with a special 15% OFF Discount. 

    LEDVANCE attaches great importance to meeting global challenges such as climate change and scarcity of resources. Reducing our carbon footprint is a responsibility that we all share.

    LED lighting provides many environmental advantages, including being energy efficient, producing zero toxic elements, requiring fewer light fixtures, and having a longer life span. We recycle lamps and other materials to minimize waste.


    Save Much Energy with LED Bulbs

    They are a great replacement for your 60W incandescent lamps. With just 8.5 watts, they will brighten your house with 800 lumens of light.  It will help you save up to 85 % on your energy costs because it requires less energy and lasts longer than incandescent lamps.

    Use the exclusive code EARTH15 to get 15% OFF on our SMART+ Series


    Longer Lifespan Lower Emissions

    LED lights will last up to 6 times longer than other types of lights which reduces the need for frequent replacements. Using LED lights results in fewer resources needed for manufacturing processes, packaging materials, and transportation- Three important factors when considering environmental issues.


    Protecting our planet starts with you

    Get a special 15% OFF discount on our Earth Day Campaign. Taking one step further is easier than you think. What's more, you will feel rewarded as you are actually making our planet a better place.

    The Green Sale ends in one day!! Hurry up!!


    For the love of Earth,


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