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Indoor Lighting

Light determines your life - and that of your family or roommate. It can be functional, atmospheric, emotional, stimulating or relaxing. Each area of your home has different lighting requirements. To feel really comfortable, you should pay attention to some basic things and then add your personal touch.

Outdoor Lighting

A well thought-out lighting plan for your outdoor area is important in many ways. With cool light you ensure safety around your house, whereas warm light creates a cosy, sociable mood in the garden – for example, during an outdoor celebration or get-together with family and friends. This requires a harmonious lighting plan.

A Century of Illumination

Our company traces its roots back to 1901 and we pride ourselves on innovation and quality. When you see the LEDVANCE name, you should expect nothing short of excellence.

Lighting Tips

Choosing Between 2700K and 3000K Light Temperatures

When you start looking for the best LED lights for homes, businesses, and industrial applications, you'll find that the color temperature selected ...

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